Design your own bum

Hi guys I’m back and this time I wanted to help you girls/women out that seem to be confused and want clarity on why your bum just isn’t how you would like it. I will also give you a solution on how to have the bum you want.

So firstly, lets look at some of the shapes of buttocks out there:


With reference to the pictures above, you should be able to pick out one of the butt shapes that resembles your own. Don’t be too concerned if none of these matches the way your butt looks exactly – they are meant to be used as a guide only and the sheer amount of variation in the human body means that not everyone will fit into predefined categories.

We are born with a certain figure due to our genetics, those being an Endomorph (round), Mesomorph (muscly)  or Ectomorphy (slim), each represent a particular shape and come with specific genetic boundaries/limitations as well as advantages.

We are however able to make changes to our shape through exercising and keeping fit as well as following a specific diet program depending on our personal goals.

So, now lets look at how we can develop the muscles in the buttocks with the aim of getting a fuller shape that looks great in a dress or a slim pair of jeans. Oh and don’t worry, I have worked with all shaped butts and I can honestly say that it is possible to transform them into any shape you wish by implementing one of my bum focused exercise programs (inbox me @adamjacquesofficialpage) or following the advice in this article. If you already have the shape you like but just want the muscles to be a little more firmer, this article will help you and my programs are guaranteed to transform your butt in weeks.


Above is the an image of the buttocks and surrounding muscles. By working particular muscles more than others we are able to reshape our bums, and all this can be done at home or in the gym, granted if we want to get a bigger bum we will need to work with weights, but if we’re looking to just firm up then we can do that with our own body weight. I will now provide you with 4 exercises for each of the four categories of bums, and these exercises are guaranteed to have results and transform your bum within 3 months.


So, lets start with the H bum. Keep in mind that the aim is to get a thicker fuller looking bum.


  • Machine kick backs (kick back on all fours) – 3 sets / 8-10 reps (heavy weight)
  • Squats – pyramid up in weight – 4 sets / 6 – 8 reps
  • Barbell hip thrust – 3 sets / 8 -10 reps
  • Lunges – 3 sets / 8 – 10 reps

Include this routine into your weekly sessions (at least twice a week) and you are guaranteed to see results within 3 months. This must be accompanied by a balanced diet, preferably high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

Now, lets move onto the O shaped bum. In order to get the most out of this shape bum and have a fuller, thicker looking butt, include the following routine into your weekly workout schedule at least twice a week.


  • Deep squat on steps – 4 sets / 8-10 reps (butt to floor)
  • Single leg press – 3 sets each leg / 8-12 reps ( go as deep as possible)
  • Thigh abductor – 4 sets (pyramid up)
  • Hip circle (machine) – 4 sets / 8-12 reps (lift leg lateral and as high as possible)

Next is the ‘A’ shape butt. This chap requires an enthuses on the lower muscles of the bum and less on the upper area, in order to keep the A shape at the same time as firming and toning to have the desired shape.


  • Squats with barbell – 8 sets – 8 reps minimum
  • Barbell glute bridge – 4 sets – 8- 12 reps
  • Lunge using a step (smith machine) – 4 sets – 8 – 12 reps
  • Smith machine kick back – 3 sets – 8-10 reps (aim for the highest kick back possible)

Finally, the V shaped bum. This shape bum has the tendency to have a lot less junk in the trunk compared to those mentioned above, but don’t worry, I have the remedy. By adding the following exercises into your weekly workout schedule you will see results and your bum will appear fuller, thicker and firmer.


  • Deep squats with kettle bell on steps – 6 sets – 10 -12 reps
  • Abductor machine – 4 sets – 10 – 12 reps
  • Single leg press sat sideways – 4 sets – 12 reps
  • Lying hamstring curl (pyramide up) – 4 sets – 8- 10 reps


So, there you have it! 4 exercises for each 4 types of butts. I suggest adding these exercises to your workouts, brining you closer to your goals. Please keep in mind that the 4 types of butts here are only 4 of many and are a generalization. You must also follow a diet program (contact me fb @ adamjacquesofficialpage or email : My programs are €39 each and come with 24/7 advice via email or WhatsApp.

I offer excerpt advice and have been competing in bodybuilding competitions for years at international level. I finished 3rd in Miami and 3rd in Las Vegas with #musclemania an internationally known organisation.  I am also a Personal Trainer and Personal development coach and have been for over 18 years. I say all of this just so that you  can be assured that I know what I’m talking about and that you can have confidence in what I’ve been saying.

I hope this helped, have a great day.




Adam Jacques Fitness

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  1. tania says:

    It is good to know your bum shape ! Great advices as always


  2. Clara says:

    Would love to have an article about how to keep your belly flat!


  3. Tasty FitnessFoods says:

    Amazing content, great exercises. Can’t wait to get in the gym and try out the routine.


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