Gain muscle + lose fat!

How to gain muscle lose fat?

Girls often ask how to get a big bum without a big stomach and guys want that man chest and biceps without getting ‘too big’. These are the questions I’m often asked, and some people would argue that it’s impossible, while others, like me would suggest otherwise.

Fact- to gain weight we must eat a surplus of calories

Fact – to lose weight we must eat less calories than our body uses each day.

So, with these two facts in mind, how do we gain weight without gaining lots of excess fat? I’m going to give you my advice on how to do just that, and yes, I have and am still doing very well at gaining lots of lean muscle while also staying between 8-12 % body fat (which basically means you can see my six pack, and you know that’s all that matters right?). Let’s not be bias, for the woman, by following my advice I guarantee you will be gaining lots of lean tissue (not too much, we don’t want you looking like hulk’s sister) and preferably on your bottom and legs, while keeping the upper body slim.

Fact – Muscle is made during protein synthesis (a breakdown of proteins)

Fact – Muscle recuperation and building is also supported by stem cells (myonuclei and others but that’s just going too deep and we don’t want to do that, I like simple)

Ok, so with these 2 facts, we know that in order to build muscle we need a sufficient amount of protein and stem cells, working together in harmony like a sex seen in a movie.

What is a sufficient amount of protein?

My advice is to consume 2-3g of protein per kg of your total body weight. For example, I weigh 107kg so the minimum amount of protein I should be consuming for muscle development is 214g and I could go up to 321g (some people consume more but that could be over doing it as the body can only work with a limited amount of protein, unless you know what I know). Keep reading and your will reap the benefits of another of my secrets.

Where do we find protein?

In meats and fish as well as certain vegetables and food supplements. Follow this link for a list of proteins:


Fact- carbohydrates help transport protein to muscle

Fact – Stem cells help transport proteins to muscles

Two more facts to take into consideration. I suggest limiting your carbohydrate intake to the morning and before and after your workout sessions (3 times a day on non-training days). Why do I suggest that? Throughout the evening and while sleeping, our body has been working (I know, its crazy, it never stops, although kind of common sense right, if not we would just die during our sleep). Due to the fact that the body never stops working, we burn calories all the time and thus, when we wake up, we feel tired and lethargic. In order to get the brain functioning at an optimal performance and fuel our muscles to avoid catabolism (muscles eating muscle, yes muscles are cannibals) we need to eat a well-balanced breakfast including carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Something like, cereals, and eggs would be good (not in the same bowl though).

Also, when we workout we need as much energy as possible to lift heavy (a must for muscle gain) and for endurance (also a must). After we’ve finished pumping iron, our energy sources are depleted, so you know what happens, yes, the muscles will start to eat the muscles again, naughty aren’t they. So, to prevent that we must refuel on carbohydrates.

Here’s a list of good and bad carbohydrates. I suggest eating as many good ones as possible and maybe having a bad one no and then just to be naughty.


The rest of the time, I suggest limiting yourself to meals containing only proteins and fats (good fats) and salads, which actually help digest the proteins. If you are feeling hungry, then I suggest snacking on peanuts (not too many though) and fruit (only one apple for example).

Remember – to keep the metabolism working at an optimal pace, eat / snack every 3- 4 hour.

Up until now I’ve only briefly mentioned the importance of stem cells, but in fact they are much more important in this formula of muscle gain without fat gain than people think.

Imagine, you’re a constructor and contract builders, you have lots and lots of materials (proteins) but your builders (stem cells) are tired or call in sick often or you just don’t have enough so the building is taking ages to finish and your clients are getting very frustrated. What you need is fitter, stronger, fresh and young, reliable workers (stem cells) right? If you had more of these types of workers (stem cells) you would be on your way to making millions and building lots of amazing buildings for many clients.

Fact – our body loses billions of stem cells each day!

How do we gain more workers (produce new stem cells) and quickly?

Our body has a natural renewal system (thank f for that right!) although this system slows down with age (ahhhhhhhhhh!). This is what we call the aging process, and it is why it seems to be more difficult for us to gain muscle as we age (don’t worry I know something that not many of us know about and its life changing so keep reading).

If our body is naturally producing less stem cells each day how can we help slow down the process or even enhance the production of stem cells, therefore increasing the efficiency of muscle reproduction (getting us that big firm plump bum, or Arnold biceps)?

One way is by exercising, exercising increases stem cell production, although this is good in one sense, it’s not in another. Why? Because, we don’t want to over train, if we train too often (especially the same muscle) it will have an adverse effect and you will lose muscle because your body won’t have enough fuel, thus muscles start eating muscles again. You also won’t have enough energy to continually overload (progress by adding more weight or repetitions each week) and this is essential in muscle development.

Luckily there is a way around this. There are food supplements out there that support the release of billions of new stem cells, and these supplements are 100% natural. I recommend my personal favorite se3-R which can be found at


This product has helped me so much in my bodybuilding career, helping me especially through the shredding period, whereby you cut down seriously on the carbohydrate intake and thus your body goes into a catabolic state and you start losing muscle. With this product I kept all the lean muscle I gained during my mass period (basically eating like and big fat sexy pig), noticed I added sexy cause I have to keep it real right lol. I managed to be placed in the top 3 of every international competition I’ve ever competed in, as well as being champion in the Caribbean. I also recently had an operation and found that by taking this product my body recuperated a lot quicker, leaving the surgeons amazed and I was feeling great within a matter of days, when usually it takes weeks even months to heal, according to the surgeons.

So, to summarize, imagine if you have all the protein (materials) needed to build a magnificent construction, and you have enough or even too many skilled, quality workers (stem cells) to build the construction as well as all the energy you need. What would be the result? The body of your dreams, the booty you’ve been dreaming about, those peaked biceps and more! All that is less time than the average person and all due to a balanced diet and great supplements.

Essentially, we want to be able to train like a beast, feast like a king / queen and rest like a Lion while producing as much stem cells (as much as possible) and having enough energy to have some fun!


The secret is in the diet!

So, to sum up, if you want to gain muscle mass, keep the body fat level low and still have enough energy to enjoy you days, here’s what you should be doing:

  • Lift weight (heavy) 4-5 times a week maximum (upper/lower system, meaning one-day upper body the next lower body)
  • Limit carbs to mornings, and before / after workouts or 3 times a day on days off.
  • Other meals should be based on proteins and salads with fat (one thumb measure of fat with each meal)
  • Snacks should be peanuts or fruits
  • Supplement on Stemtech’s se3-R and other stem cell releasing products.

If you find it difficult to eat the required amount of protein (3g per kg of body mass) then I suggest supplementing on whey protein or other types of protein shakes and my recommendation would be Scitec nutrition as their products are fully of quality protein and BCAAs as well as having a decent flavor and most importantly they are not expensive.

Macro nutriments should be as follows:

  • Proteins – 3g per kg of body weight
  • Carbs – 1 – 2g per kg of body weight
  • Fats – 0.5 – 0.8g per kg of body weight (if you have a lot of excess fat then aim for 0.5g)

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